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The Studio for Art in Architecture (SAIA) has been founded by the artist Sandra Lange and the designer Nils Fischer. The studio`s goal is to research and develop new, unique solutions for art in architecture. SAIA is a partner to architects, curators and investors and provide service from artistic concept to realization. 

Art in architecture should not be art that was randomly selected and added to a building. Instead, it should reflect on the building and its surroundings and interact with the people using the space. Every individual building and every place needs specific materials, qualities and craftmansship to be defined as a place of its own. The artwork should neither be dominating space nor retreating to mere decoration. 

The facade is the crucial connection between the inner function of a building and its immediate surroundings. Therefore, it is the perfect place for art that can make the building interact with both its inside and outside worlds. Laminating mouth blown glass with its well-known color qualities, allows modern, large-scale installations without the traditional lead lines. Mouth blown colored glass with its vibrant colors is an opportunity to paint with the qualities of daylight. The same colors will change dramatically with the different times of a day and the year. At the same time it is visible from the streets at nighttime.

Art on the actual facade can highlight the function of a building, integrate as well as highlight it, and, most of all, increase recognition among world-wide customized designs.